Whiteboard Markers

Published: 12th September 2011
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Whiteboard Markers

Marker is very important for any student or teacher regardless to which field they belong to, it is just as important as a pen or pencil is to any student or teacher. But to talk of their use it is not hidden that they are not only useful in education sector but is also much useful for peoples in Commercial and Art sector. A marker is always useful, sometimes to mark something important in book and sometimes to write or to guide your student or members by writing on board. White board is used in case a marker is to be used on it. These days with developing trend and technology, those conventional chalks are no more preferred, as whiteboard marker is much more easy to use, it emits no air pollution or any land pollution which conventional chalks used to.

Whiteboard marker can be of any colour just like colour chalk, but as these markets are little strong to be cleaned by normal board cleaner, so a special kind of duster is used to clean the writing of whiteboard marker. There are many companies manufacturing Whiteboard markers among which few major Brands are, Parker, Fountain man, Pilot and Galaxy and many such brands. A whiteboard marker is much thicker at pin than other ball penís pin point, they are generally more than 1.0mm while normal ball point penís nib is around 0.5 to 1.0mm, markers can be as thick as 5.0mm and can be very strong at the base, sometimes it is very difficult to erase the writing of marker without a refillable board cleaner, specially designed and manufactured to clean markers writings.

USB a promotional item

USB means Universal Serial Bus, it is not any kind of object but an industry standard which defines connection of cables, connectors and protocols and portable devicesí with Computer, or such high gadget platforms like Smart phones. With its increase in general use the items started to be recognised as USB Devices derived after its use and system standard.

USB is very simple to be a promotional item, but as it is used in daily life specially in this computer age where every one has a dongle in their pocket to connect to web at any time, this dongle is also a kind of USB device, so using it as a promotional item seems to be much sensible. It is not necessary that a USB is to be a system device or portable hardware, but also common electronic gadgets like Calculators, shredder and opener, and card reader can be categorised under USB, so while using them as a promotional item it becomes very useful and proves beneficial to use them as a promotional product.

There are many companies manufacturing these and many other kinds of USB devices, many high profiled companies like Intel, IBM, Moserbear, Microsoft and compaq and many other companies are also the manufacturers of these USB devices especially USB flash drive, but they are not the promotional companies, there are many promotional product manufacturing and marketing companies established around the globe who perform all promotion related work from manufacturing of the good to printing the companies logo and marketing it. A USB Promotional item has to have a company logo or any quote or slogan related to the company in possession, so that public can relate them to the company and make them best medium of advertisement.

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